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7 & 8

Sep 2022



Urban Air Mobility Conference

Helitech Expo 2021 is bringing you the future of public transportation with our new Urban Air Mobility Conference! This brand new feature will give you the opportunity to network with the leaders within urban air mobility who will showcase their new concepts, eVTOL aircraft and expertise.

As we move with the ever changing times, the world is responding to a greener planet to ease congestion and reduce air pollution. A huge investment has been made to roll out air transport within major cities across the globe as we see an increase in demand for the new innovation within the industry.

Make sure you keep your eye out for our world class lineup for the urban air mobility conference 2021! This is something you do not want to miss...

Are you interested in showcasing your brand to thousands of buyers alocated near the UAM Conference? If so, please contact Adnan Hiroli on +44 (0)117 990 2006 or email for more information.