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Oct 2021



AeroLEDs, LLC.

Entering the market in 2006, AeroLEDs™ has established itself as an industry pioneer and leader of LED-based aircraft lighting by completely redefining the expectations of aviation lighting today, moving this important safety requirement from a forgotten necessity to a desired accessory.

LED`s emit consistent light output at various input voltages and remain bright even at very low engine power settings. Incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, and xenon, have all been eclipsed by the performance and reliability gains of LED technology which has become the new benchmark.

Our landing, taxi, and navigational lighting products are designed using state of the art technology which can virtually eliminate bulb replacements. With the focus on key metrics like performance, efficiency and reliability, our revolutionary products far-exceed that of our rivals and legacy lighting systems. We provide the highest quality lights that are measured by performance, not cost.

AeroLEDs LED lighting systems are STC`d and manufactured in the USA under FAA PMA PQ5259NM. The robust construction allows them to offer a 30,000+ hour MTBF along with a 5-year warranty.

Tel: (208) 850-3294

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