Why Attend?

Helitech Expo offers unparalleled coverage to rotorcraft professionals that are looking to enhance their offering through the latest innovative solutions. The show is set to bring you the latest products and technologies as well as showcase the advancements, trends, and sustainability within the sector.

That’s not all, the show brings together like-minded professionals who all share the same passion and want to explore the trends, topics, and insight into the ever-changing sector, and with the tips and tricks, Helitech Expo provides, the show will set you apart from the competition and provide you with inspiration!

Expert Led Seminars

With over 150 seminars from thought leaders within the VTOL industry, we will cover a huge breadth of topics to elevate your understanding and develop your business.

Limitless Networking Opportunities

With between 3,000 key industry individuals in attendance, meeting the right people can help enhance your business’ potential and provide unmissable inspiration!