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Sep 2022



Fabspace hangars

Fabspace hangars is specialized in innovative and modern hangar solutions.

Fabspace offers standard hangar models between 250 sqm and 3000 sqm, but we also design and produce individual hangar solutions, as individuality is part of our philosophy.
The core of our hangars is a galvanized steel construction which is covered by a high-quality membrane made by Serge Ferrari. They can resist wind-speeds up to 150km/h (or more if necessary) and snow/sand weight up to 150kg/sqm (or more if necessary).

Our mobile hangars can be fixed on every type of ground as we provide an innovative anchor system. Our hangar solutions are an ideal hangar solution, as it is possible to install almost every kind of equipment and installations like cranes, offices, AC, etc.! To be self-sustaining we also provide installed solar panels.
Every part of the construction of the hangar fits in normal 20 feet or 40 feet containers.
Fabspace hangars are quickly produced and ready for operation and also earthquake-proofed.

Tel: +43 660 10 16 305

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