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Oct 2021



IDU Group Ltd

IDU is developing a Smart, Safe, Secure drone delivery infrastructure. Last-Mile Delivery is about to transform from its analogue state into the digital, autonomous world. IDU Group is developing the smart infrastructure that is needed for secure, efficient and automated delivery. We are entering a new era of package deliveries. By opening the drone delivery space that government and businesses are investing in, our patented SMARTBOX enables retailers and hospitals to deliver packages by drone to homes, hospitals, and other commercial premises.
Our approach is to enable and connect the many solutions in the drone space that are currently siloed. Our software and hardware are largely agnostic and designed for end-to-end drone delivery. Replacing the delivery driver in a van, reduces the cost of delivery, improves customer service, and dramatically reduces the environmental impact.
We are a full-service, drone delivery solutions provider with a unique Smart, Safe, Secure delivery receptacle and platform that enables automated drone delivery via connection to the IoT. It is Safe - located away from ground level - Stolen parcels have risen to 22% in the UK last 3 years, and in the USA, 1.7million missing parcels a day cost annually $6bn.
Smart- enables fully autonomous deliveries - When people are not home to receive their parcel, this costs around $20bn a year and an additional 3,700M tons of carbon emissions by additional vehicle journeys.
Secure- as the package is stored in the SMARTBOX and cannot be accessed by anyone outside the building or with permission with an encrypted electronic handshake - Right now, between 40%-50% of package delivery costs are incurred in the last mile.
IDU revolutionises deliveries from the distribution point to recipient by fully automating delivery processes and integrating seamlessly with existing infrastructure. No human interaction is needed to receive a package - more automation, more time, more freedom.

Tel: +44 (0) 7909615943

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