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Oct 2021



Magcad Plettenberg-Motoren

In addition to the development and production of CNC milled propeller shapes, we offer a wide range of services: Creation of complex CAD 2D and 3D drawings Optimizations for CAM processes specialized in CNC milling of various composite materials (GRP, CFRP, AFK) and plastics great expertise in the processing of CFRP sheet material Production of prototypes and small series on a CNC portal milling machine with vacuum table Processing of materials up to aluminum with a clamping table of 1000x600x100mm 3D printing on an Ultimaker2 MAGCAD has a special affinity for UAVs and likes to deal with sophisticated developments and prototypes. The symbiosis of craftsmanship and years of experience means you benefit from high quality.

Plettenberg is an extremely specialist provider of drive systems. The development and production of high-end DC motors and controllers has been our passion for almost 40 years. We are realising maximum power output and efficiency with the smallest possible space and with the lowest possible weight. Made in Germany.

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