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Oct 2021




Ontic is a leading supplier of end item assemblies and parts, as well as repair and overhaul services for mature aerospace platforms, under license or acquisition, allowing OEMs to focus on current and future programmes. With a fast-growing portfolio of more than 7,000 end item assemblies plus their associated components.

Capabilities include:

Avionics, electronics, fuel, hydraulics, electromechanical, heat transfer and power
Major systems including landing gear, fuel measurement, engines and APUs
Operating under the ONTIC brand
Large, diverse, global customer base; mix of civil and military
Locations in UK, US and Singapore

The UK comprises experts of every manufacturing process imaginable for aircraft manufacture. As a company providing solutions for the manufacture, repair and overhaul of legacy systems and platforms we focus on maintaining and sustaining the processes and products historically used.

In the UK these are focused on platforms such as; Hawk, Typhoon, Tornado, C-130, AW101, Lynx, Sea King, Airbus A320, B737-757-767-787 plus other rotary and fixed-wing military and civil aircraft - supporting legacy platforms requires the ability to touch all sides of the supply chain and create business-critical relationships on challenging programmes across the aviation spectrum of capability

Tel: +44 333 2408 600

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