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Sep 2022



ParaZero Technologies Ltd

ParaZero Drone Safety Systems specializes in the design and manufacturing of autonomous commercial drone safety systems.

The company's unique, patented technology, enables autonomous parachute deployment using customized deployment actuators that actively deploy the parachute to its full formation in fractions of a second. The patented SafeAir technology, created by a team of Israeli engineers to solve problems they experienced in the field while operating commercial and military drones, created a new benchmark in low altitude parachute deployments with effective kinetic energy reduction with minimal altitude loss.

ParaZero’s SafeAir™ system independently monitors the flight operation of the drone with the SmartAir™ control system, which in case of a critical failure during flight, autonomously triggers a patented ballistic parachute to provide a controlled descent rate, warns bystanders and transmits the issue to the UTM (Unmanned Traffic Management) under development by NASA and the FAA. The SmartAir™ system records flight data for statistical analysis.

With millions of commercial drones predicted globally, civil aviation authorities, such as FAA and EASA, will require risk mitigation systems for commercial drones to achieve the needed ‘fully autonomous’ capability with multiple drones operating in the same area and over populous areas - enter ParaZero’s SafeAir™ system. This virtual safety net is designed to meet international aviation reliability standards, while addressing growing market needs, bringing smart technology and providing a complete safety solution for a myriad of aerial platforms. ParaZero has supplied a myriad of systems for aerial platforms ranging from 1kg to 350kg, manned and unmanned, for customers throughout the world.

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