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Oct 2021



FlightOps is a leader in multiple drone flight managements systems, with solutions deployed in the security, first response, delivery and defense sectors accumulating tens-of thousands of flight hours.
FlightOps technology is among the first systems in the world to be certified to fly BVLOS swarms of drones

The vision of autonomous air mobility is inevitable.
Ground resources are scares while the technology to make use of the sky above our heads is here.
Commercial drones are becoming a commodity, but there is a fundamental problem- they lack a framework that allows them to all work together - which means they cannot function as an efficient part of a larger business process.
Today's common solution is to manually operate single drones in a visual line of site- this is unsalable.
We solve this problem, FlightOps technology is installed onboard any commercial drone and converts it to a mission aware, smart flying robot, allowing it to fly in swarms in a shared airspace with unlimited range.
This is a unique moment in time. In the same way DOS and windows disrupted the PC industry by shifting the focus from the hardware to the business process it serves - our cloud-based Drone Operating System will revolutionize the drone industry by connecting the ever-growing variety of commercial platforms and hardware to real life business applications that allow convenient, safe, and scalable mobility.
The FlightOps drone operating system is built on our deep understanding of the market and the technology evolution.
We have a reach track record including partnerships with hardware manufacturers, contracts with government initiatives and paying customers in the delivery, smart agriculture, security, and defense sectors.

Tel: +972525250250

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