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AN INNOVATIVE STORY Every helicopter pilot is passionate about his work and about the aviation industry. When STEPHAN/H was founded, in 2012, it was by a pilot and entrepreneur who realized there was no flight suit and accessories specially designed to meet a pilot`s need. As he developed the idea of designing not only an innovative flight suit, but also a clothing line and accessories for pilots, he surrounded himself with experts who worked closely with other pilots in order to develop a gear that would revolutionize the aviation industry. Therefore, the team came up with a garment that would be safe, comfortable and adapted to helicopter pilots work conditions. AN ERGONOMIC DESIGN STEPHAN/H team fully developed, tested and improved the new generation of flight suit: the Rotor. This new revolutionary collection offers ergonomics, functionality, technology, comfort, safety and the garment also has the ability to move with the pilot in action. In fact, stretch inserts made with quality, high-performance and abrasion-resistant fabrics at the knees, ankles, waist, back, armholes and elbows are the foundations of our innovative flight suits. Our garments are the most advanced on the market so far and they help helicopter pilots on a daily basis to exceed professional requirements. A CONSTANT INNOVATION Our expertise and innovation techniques contribute to our reputation and set new standards in industry. We constantly interact with helicopter pilots in order to not only improve our existing products, but also to develop new ones to cater to their needs. MISSION Our mission is to accompany helicopter pilots on a day-to-day basis in order to help them accomplish their work with a safe, technical and comfortable clothing that moves with the pilot. STEPHAN/H offers protection and freedom of movements and we take great pride in what we do. VALUES We could not work closely with helicopter pilots if we didn`t share the same values as them. For us, it is imperative that what we do reflects those values, which are safety, innovation and passion.

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