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Sep 2022



Tyto Robotics

Tyto Robotics (formerly RCbenchmark) is a Canadian aerospace company specializing in the development of professional testing tools for drone characterization. Founded in 2014, the company manufactures several varieties of test stands that fully characterize brushless motors and propellers for drones and eVTOL aircraft. The test equipment and software precisely measure thrust, torque, power and efficiency so that drone designers can optimize their propulsion systems for maximum performance. The company also offers custom-designed wind tunnels so that completed aircraft can be tested in realistic free flight conditions. Thousands of companies across the globe have benefited from Tyto Robotics products, including NASA, Airbus, Volansi and numerous prestigious research institutions. As the world leader in UAV propulsion testing, the company takes pride in giving back to the community by offering knowledge and sponsorship to incoming generations of engineering students. As the UAV industry rapidly advances, Tyto Robotics continues to offer tailored testing solutions for drone development.

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