Cloud Social

The power of social media is undeniable. It’s a tool to build corporate brands as well as personal brands. Increasingly, companies are becoming defined by their social presence and having little or no social presence can be problematic. Social media is not just about attracting customers, it’s also about employees, suppliers, existing customers and trade organisations. 

The rise of the social media influencer is now ever present. Everyday folk becoming influencers, based only on their ability to post regular content and to build an audience. When we talk about social influencers, we often think of the younger generation doing selfies and talking about make up, fashion and music. However, there is an audience waiting for anyone with something interesting to say about their industry. It’s often easy to overlook how your experience in the rotorcraft industry can be incredibly interesting and useful to people. 

So, if there are all these opportunities to be a thought leader on social media, why are more people not doing it? Why are people not becoming ‘social media famous’?


There are two common reasons, and it’s the same reasons we don’t do a lot of things, like exercise regularly or stick to a diet. 

Firstly, lack of time and secondly not wanting to get out of our comfort zone. The simplest way to get out of your comfort zone is to just do it. Set an achievable task, for example posting once or twice a week to social then and making sure you do it. The key is to make the tasks easily achievable.    

As for time, well technology does have a few answers to that one. 

Cloud technology has now made creating content and posting on social so much easier. 

With tools like ShoutOut you can turn the activity of creating and sharing content into a team sport. ShoutOut enables you to quickly record a video clip on a phone or computer that gets turned into a finished video automatically for you to share. You can also film customer testimonials, customer reactions, short advice videos or any interesting stuff that happens through the day. Even a short ‘behind the scenes’ video can be easily made on ShoutOut using your phone. 

As well as videos you can also upload photos to resize, add text and share on social.


Because everything exists in the cloud you can quicky feed content to your social media manager or marketing team for them to tweak, write copy and share.

In other words, creating social content becomes a collaboration rather than an individual activity saving you lots of time and taking away the pressure of having to get the post right. 

ShoutOut enables teams from all over the world to collaborate, create automated videos and upload social content to one place for a social media manager to post. 

So are you ready for your close up?