AirMed & Rescue

In the July Police Aviation issue of AirMed&Rescue, we look at training and simulation excellence across this special mission sector.

Polk County Sheriff’s Office takes time to talk about their assets, equipment, and training procedures in the fastest growing county in the USA, and Washoe County Sheriff Office discusses re-tasking former military aircraft for new missions in Nevada.

Mandy Langfield looks at unique adaptations for law enforcement including mission management integration into helicopters-what are customers demanding, and how are companies reacting?

Australia’s Victoria Police Air Wing shares how they ensure they are keeping up with demand in an area that spans deserts to snowfields, and covers the Bass Strait, where search and rescue missions are common occurrences.

SAR in an all-weather environment is not without its challenges. Jonathan Falconer talks to the team involved in protecting Ireland’s coastline.

David Swan Director of Operations and Oversight, Search and Rescue International Ltd talks about the provision it offers the SAR community, and their focus on the opportunities for improvement, and our medical insight feature concentrates on advanced airway education when considering transportation of patients with mechanical ventilation needs, courtesy of Sean Bryan, Director of Medical operations – Western Hemisphere ate REVA.