World’s first underarm constant-wear life vest

SWITLIK Survival Products, at the forefront in aviation survival equipment innovation, is
pleased to announce the launch of its newest constant wear product, the UA-80 Evolution
Vest. The UA-80 Evolution vest is the world’s first FAA approved commercially available
underarm constant wear life vest; it represents the next evolution in life vest design utilizing
SWITLIK’s signature underarm flotation technology incorporated into a tactical-style vest.

SWITLIK’s revolutionary Evolution vest is an innovative, reimagining of inflatable life vest
technology. Leveraging a similar bladder design to that of the next generation US Army
Aircrew Combat Equipment (ACE) program, the design integrates a first-of-its-kind,
underarm-style inflatable bladder with 80+ lbs. of buoyancy.

The Evolution vest is designed to solve the two biggest challenges previously posed in life
vest design – increasing comfort and mobility around the head and neck, and maximizing
space for professional aviators and crews to carry equipment.

The Evolution Vest forgoes the traditional yoke-style design, and instead moves the flotation
around the wearer’s abdomen – totally eliminating any helmet interference or range of
motion issues posed by older-style constant wear vests.

When inflated, SWITLIK’s signature underarm-style bladder provides improved mobility,
maneuverability, higher freeboard and superior water channelling when compared to
traditional yoke-style bladders. It also provides auto-righting of unconscious aircrew to bring
them into a stable, face-up position for unimpeded breathing.

As the flotation resides inside the vest, valuable space is added to the front for accessories.
The Evolution Vest has more than twice the amount of available MOLLE loops than any
previous Switlik design.

SWITLIK’s innovative underarm flotation bladder is dual-chambered, and features a three-
layer film construction that is more fire, abrasion, and puncture resistant that traditional life
vest fabrics. The bladder construction utilizes a novel manufacturing method to maintain
low bulk and weight.

Like all signature SWITLIK products, every inch of the Evolution vest was designed for a purpose. The vest is FAA Approved to TSO-c13G.