The Helicopter History Site helis.com is pleased to support Helitech Expo & DroneX for its 3rd year.

Since 1997, the Helicopter History Site helis.com has provided free to access information about all aspects of helicopters and vertical flight. We do this through our multi-view online database, which synthesises data, news, commentary and analysis from around the globe.

And for the third year running, we are pleased to support HeliTechExpo. As part of our online activity, we promote and document events like these throughout the world, to bring them to a wider audience.

helis.com can provide the information you need from an individual helicopter, right up to the full picture of a whole operation, in context.

As an example, we have provided below an overall analysis and documented much of the response to the Caribbean Hurricanes Irma, Jose and Maria, which struck one after the other in September 2017.

We provide histories, service and accident records of over 55000 helicopters as well as operating bases, ships and organisations around the world, plus commentaries on operations as diverse as the 1953 Great Kefalonia Earthquake and the 2004 Boscastle Flood Relief operations, to the 2019/20 Australian Bush Fires.

This work provides input to researchers and marketeers and conveys the importance and excitement of helicopters to enthusiasts and the browsing public. In particular, we also cover the development of offshore energy and wind platforms and the vital role helicopters play as Air Ambulances and in Search and Rescue.

helis.com is a collaborative website where anyone is free to join - and we won't bombard you with emails or sell your personal information.

Why not visit us online at: https://www.helis.com/database/

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