Theatre 2

Please note: this timetable is from our 2021 edition, 2022 coming soon

    • Wednesday

      David Tait: Speaking in the Theatre 2

      11.00 - 11.30

      David Tait
      Civil Aviation Authority

      The CAA’s Approach to Innovation

      David will give an overview of the Innovation Hub – set up 2 years’ ago at the CAA to facilitate innovation in aviation and to support the CAA’s future safety regulation.

      Steve Robertson: Speaking in the Theatre 2

      11.45 - 12.15

      Steve Robertson
      Air & Sea Analytics

      Offshore Rotorcraft Market Update

      Air & Sea Analytics share their latest view of the offshore market in terms of demand for oil and gas crew transfer aircraft and the emerging offshore wind business. Expectations for future aircraft demand will be explored alongside key leading indicators of activity.

      Dr. Marcus Bauer: Speaking in the Theatre 2

      12.30 - 13.00

      Dr. Marcus Bauer
      iwiation GmbH

      Improving Aviation Safety: From data recovery to lessons learned training

      In case of an aviation accident or incident, the root cause is analysed by the dedicated local authority to publish a safety recommendation if required. To perform the investigation, various data sources must be considered, like flight data recorder, avionics system data, wreckage information, witness statements and data from different consumer products like mobile phones, cameras, etc. . This data must be verified and brought into harmony to create the overall accident scenario. Finally, the reconstructed accident scenario can be used for lessons learned training with human factor analysis. This improves aviation safety by avoiding similar accidents in future.

      Simon Witts: Speaking in the Theatre 2

      13.15 - 13.45

      Simon Witts
      ENGAP UK

      Aviation – Facing up to the global challenges

      Facing up to the Global Challenges enables us to take a fresh look at what is required to Attract, Educate and Retain the people that the aviation industry needs. This lays the foundations to Engage and Champion the changes required.

      Peter Myers: Speaking in the Theatre 2

      14.45 - 15.15

      Peter Myers
      Smith Myers

      The mobile phone as a Location Beacon using manned and unmanned aircraft.

      ARTEMIS, an award winning Mobile Phone Detection and Location Sensor designed specifically for airborne SAR/Disaster Relief. A result of 35 years of innovative leading-edge design expertise by Smith Myers. Offering a radical and effective compliment to traditional airborne sensors, including automatic cueing of EO/IR. This seminar will illustrate how this technology can be used with manned and unmanned aircraft, fixed and rotary wing, and how it fits with existing avionics or stand alone.

      Neil Perrett: Speaking in the Theatre 2

      15:30 - 16.00

      Neil Perrett
      Ontic Engineering & Manufacturing UK Limted

      Legacy Equipment Sustainment

      The sustainment of complex legacy equipment, including low volume high mix manufacturing. As in service fleets age and the industry moves towards even newer technologies then the importance of supporting older products, that span decades, is set to become more critical for customers.